Thursday, May 14, 2009

It is almost over!!!

I felt tears starting to well up in my eyes this morning at the music program. It is hitting me that I won't be back with the same kids I have had for the last three school years. In fact, I won't be with any of the Ada kids that I know and love! It is going to be so different next year.

For anyone that still may not know, my husband and I have decided to move to Oklahoma City. I will be teaching 2nd grade next year at Santa Fe Elementary in Moore. I am very excited for all of these changes, but very nervous!

What will I ever do without all of this kids? I have gotten so use to this bunch that I really don't know any different! Eeek! Thank you to everyone that has made my teaching experience here in Ada a great one! I will miss everyone of you so much!

Now we need to get to some business! The end of the year is here, believe it or are the last few events that we have scheduled:
May 18th: Willard Fun Day (No Money Needed)

May 20th: Spring Fling Talent Show 9:15 Willard Gym

May 21st: Awards Assembly

May 21st: Report Cards Go Home

May 22: LAST DAY!!! Buses run at 11:40!

Please let me know if your child is not planning on attending on the last day! We are going to be required to take attendance that day! Just a little FYI!!!

If there is anything else I will keep you updated.
Again, thank you for a wonderful year!

-Mrs. H

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Mrs. Middleton said...

Yay Mrs. Harrison! You've done so well this year! Good luck next year in Moore; it's always hard, but we Chi Omegas stick together, and if you need any resources or a person to vent to, :) just call me! (or email me).